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Why we chose construction: A spotlight on J.G. Hale apprentices

In the dynamic world of construction, nurturing new talent and fostering a skilled workforce is essential for continued growth and progress. Recognising this significance, our Apprentice Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of apprentices across the region.

Among the remarkable contenders this year, we shine a spotlight on J.G. Hale Group’s exceptional apprentices who were shortlisted. Their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to learning their craft have set them apart.

Joshua Norris – Apprentice Plumber

According to his colleagues at J.G. Hale, Joshua is a bright plumbing prospect who picks up new tasks with ease and speed whilst not being deterred by new challenges.

A confident and independent worker, Joshua is also a valued member of his team and aids his colleagues in any way he can. Joshua currently works on the Biomass Power Plant with J.G Hale Construction.

Speaking about his journey within construction, Josh, said:

“My reason for getting into the plumbing trade is that it’s a stable role in the industry and there’s always work available. I also enjoy working as part of a team in this environment. I am currently studying towards a level 3 NVQ in plumbing and heating, and I have already completed the level 2 equivalent. I’ve used those skills to refit our head office and also the County Flats project in Aberafan.  

“Following the completion of my apprenticeship, I hope to be still working for Hale and hopefully working towards progressing within the plumbing industry and eventually, becoming a manager.”

Logan Beer – Apprentice Carpenter

Like his counterpart, Logan has impressed his colleagues with his enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile. His colleagues have praised his can-do attitude, punctuality, and the high standard of work he holds himself to.

Describing his reasons for learning a trade, he said:

“I was attracted to carpentry due to the physical nature of the work. I like to work with my hands. It’s a trade that will provide job security and I like the satisfaction of seeing projects progress, as well as the result.

“I’m currently doing an NVQ level 2 and part of my apprenticeship involved helping rebuild the Hale offices and County Flats project. I’ve helped with the construction of office pods by doing door lines, doors, kitchens and much more.

“After my apprenticeship has finished, I hope to carry on working with Hale and help progress the various other housing projects on other sites.”

Both Joshua and Logan’s journeys serve as an inspiration to aspiring apprentices and showcases the immense potential within the industry. We eagerly await to see what the future holds for them.