SBCSG Apprentice Awards 2024: Meet our Nominees!

We at Swansea Bay Construction Support Group are thrilled to announce the nominees for our upcoming Apprentice Awards, taking place on June 27th at the Stadium. Each year, we celebrate the hard work and achievements of new entrants, apprentices, and rising stars in the South Wales construction industry. Here are our brilliant nominees for 2024:


Ethan Davies – Premier Forecourts and Construction

Currently working at Premier Forecourts and Construction, Ethan is recognised for his exceptional work ethic and willingness to master all aspects of the business. His proficiency in AutoCAD has significantly enhanced his ability to perform his duties efficiently. Additionally, Ethan has broadened his knowledge of above and below ground fuel infrastructure and associated civil works required to undertake installations and maintenance tasks.

His on-site experience has enriched his understanding of site setup and safety, allowing him to create detailed site layouts. In the maintenance department, Ethan has excelled in performing detailed take-offs and pricing, generating quotations that have led to numerous successful orders – serving as a much valued and fantastic member of the team! At work, Ethan is known for his professionalism and impeccable presentation, always delivering outstanding results in every task he undertakes. Undoubtedly, he is poised for a promising future in the industry!

Chay Williams – ASW Property Services

Ever since becoming a part of ASW Property Services Ltd, Chay has consistently demonstrated his ability to accurately measure and estimate costs, effectively communicate with clients, and build strong relationships with social housing clients, highlighting his deep understanding of client satisfaction, cost management, and community engagement. Taking charge of Reactive and Planned workstreams for a key client, he brilliantly showcases

Moreover, his exemplary work ethic, dedication to excellence, and eagerness to learn make him a true asset to ASW and the commercial team. Chay’s decision to pursue higher education shows his ambition to grow personally and professionally, preparing him to thrive in his field and make a significant impact on the industry!

Bibek Khatri – ASW Property Services

Since joining ASW Property Services Ltd, Bibek has demonstrated exceptional skills in accurately measuring and estimating costs, building strong client relationships, and effectively communicating with clients. His unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, cost management, and community engagement shines through in his work with social housing clients. With a focus on independence and precision, Bibek has effectively overseen void contract projects, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy at every step.

Furthermore, he has offered invaluable support to senior QS by verifying subcontractor claims and assisting with various commercial tasks. Bibek’s strong work ethic, eagerness to learn and dedication to maintaining high standards, make him an invaluable member of the ASW team, guaranteeing continued success and significant contributions to the company.

Harkeerat Singh – Castell Construction

Since joining Castell Construction at 17, Harry has shown remarkable responsibility and confidence in every role he undertakes. Initially recruited to support the technical team, Harry swiftly showcased his capabilities and has since assumed significant responsibilities, showcasing remarkable growth in a short time. Now, he arranges meetings, attends site visits, helps with technical assessments, and gathers quotes from external consultants. He also handles utility supply procurement, promotes Castell’s document management system, Procore, reviews technical drawings, and prepares Operation and Maintenance manuals.

Harry’s punctuality and problem-solving skills reflect his dedication, while his eagerness to learn and assume more responsibilities demonstrates his commitment to growth. Harry also achieved a perfect score on his Health and Safety CSCS test – a notable achievement given his short time in the industry! Driven by his proactive attitude and professional development, Harry is an outstanding technical apprentice making rapid progress within Castell Group.

Daniel Davies – John Weaver

Daniel has been an exceptional Technical Apprentice at John Weaver Contractors since joining as a Trainee in 2021. He has worked closely with key directors and the QS team on projects valued at up to £8 million. Rob Griffiths, Financial Director, praised Daniel’s

personal and professional development, diligence in his degree studies, and dedication to his role as Project Quantity Surveyor. Commercial Director Ceri Best also noted Daniel’s growing confidence and ability to balance university studies with his workload, predicting continued success in his QS career.

Having recently completed his BSc in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management, Daniel is awaiting his final results and is on target to achieve a 1st Class Honours! His lecturers have commended his fantastic growth in knowledge and confidence. Daniel’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and fluency in Welsh have been a huge help with the company’s PR. He’s excited to keep growing his career with John Weaver and looks forward to new opportunities in construction.

Tomi Williams – Andrew Scott

Tomi began his career in September 2023 as a technical apprentice in Quantity Surveying through a shared apprenticeship with Andrew Scott Ltd and Cyfle. He is currently pursuing a Level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment while working on the £36m Aberystwyth Old College Redevelopment project. Tomi’s analytical and numerical skills, developed through diverse educational and volunteering experiences, have been vital in his tasks, including managing subcontractor orders and preparing costing applications. He will soon take on the responsibility of managing Cardiff Asphalts’ account.

Tomi’s commitment to his professional and academic growth is more than evident, as he willingly makes a 100-mile round trip to college each week. A proud Welsh speaker fluent in English, Tomi is known for his professionalism, reliability, and eagerness to learn. His exceptional ability to take on significant responsibilities early in his career highlights his amazing potential!

Matt Williams – Andrew Scott

Matt started his career journey as a Technical Apprentice with Andrew Scott Ltd after completing his A levels in September 2023. Currently enrolled in a Level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, Matt is actively involved in the £28 million PECO Waste Transfer Facility project in Milford Haven. Demonstrating a keen interest in all aspects of Engineering and Construction, Matt’s responsibilities range from managing induction records to monitoring weekly targets and ensuring quality assurance.

Working closely with Engineer James Hallford, Matt has proven to be adaptable and highly engaged on-site. His dedication to learning and continuous improvement shines through his proactive approach to tasks and his commitment to achieving exemplary standards. With a natural inclination towards teamwork and a passion for the construction industry, Matt consistently seeks opportunities for growth and development, consistently carrying a mindset that views challenges as steppingstones to success.


Kori Williams – Swansea Council

Kori is in the first year of his carpentry apprenticeship. Currently working for Swansea Council, he was nominated for his exceptional dedication, strong work ethic, and natural aptitude for woodworking. Kori has a fantastic commitment to learning and a keen eye for detail, serving as a shining example to all staff and his fellow apprentices.

It is clear to everyone that Kori is deeply passionate about carpentry, as while his work is of high quality, he is always ready to embrace new challenges. Additionally, Kori is an excellent learner, maintaining high attendance, and is always polite, punctual, and respectful to all staff – he is an exceptional young man with a very bright future in carpentry ahead of him!

Cieron Redden – Swansea Council

Throughout his apprenticeship journey at Swansea Council, Cieron has demonstrated exceptional punctuality, attendance, dedication and unmatched commitment, setting a high standard for all his peers. Cieron’s enthusiasm to learn are evident through his engagement during training sessions and his eagerness to take on new challenges.

His participation in several competitions highlights Cieron’s desire to continually improve and refine his trowel skills. Over the years, Cieron’s craftsmanship has developed remarkably – standing testament to his hard work. Likewise, Cieron’s positive attitude and role model behavior have made him an influential figure among other learners. He embodies the qualities of a professional and dedicated apprentice, always ready to assist and inspire his peers. Cieron’s journey of growth and unwavering commitment has been a pleasure to see.

Dwayne Vickers – John Weaver

Dwayne has been an exceptional Carpentry Apprentice since joining John Weaver Contractors in 2020, working on diverse projects including healthcare, conservation, and educational refurbishments. His contributions to award-winning projects like Hafod Morfa Copperworks and Hay Castle have highlighted his outstanding work ethic and dedication, earning him the title of in-house Apprentice winner of 2023. His college assessor, Paul Hancock, praised his high competency and growth in confidence, leading to distinction grades in all areas and a shortlist for an apprentice award at Neath College.

Project Manager Len Gibbons has praised his outstanding work ethic, honesty, and commitment to quality, noting his significant investment in tools and professionalism. Dwayne’s ambition is to eventually start his own carpentry business, while continuing to gain experience and develop his skills with the John Weaver Contractors team.

Kieren Jones – Swansea Council

Kieren has proven to be an outstanding apprentice, displaying unparalleled eagerness to better his knowledge of the trade. Feedback from the operatives he works with consistently reflects excellence, highlighting his exceptional organisational skills and solid work ethic.

His commitment to his daily tasks shows his ambition for professional growth within the authority. Kieren is highly esteemed within the response maintenance team, demonstrating effective teamwork and swiftly earning the trust and respect of his colleagues. He maintains impeccable attendance in college, excelling in both academic and practical coursework, and has been chosen as a class representative for his course, recognised for his willingness to assist others and friendly demeanour. Kieren’s exemplary performance and positive impact make him a true credit to himself.

Garin Thomas – Swansea Council

Currently employed at Swansea Council, Garin maintains an impressive attendance rate of 95% and excels as a student, both inside and outside of the classroom. Demonstrating exceptional competence and practical skills, he consistently delivers high-quality work. Garin has showcased his proficiency by successfully completing tasks such as constructing a simulated staircase and a cut roof, skills typically mastered by second-year apprentices.

He effectively communicates and willingly listens to directions from tradespeople, consistently meeting high standards. Garin’s ability to apply his college-learned knowledge in the joinery workshop has earned admiration from his colleagues. With his dedication and aptitude, Garin is poised to become an outstanding tradesperson in Building Services.

Cieran Van Den Bogerd – Swansea Council

Currently employed by Swansea City Council, Cieran has showcased remarkable dedication and skill throughout the last 20-months, as an apprentice. His exceptional enthusiasm and focus set him apart, particularly at this early stage of his career.

Demonstrating reliability and independence, Cieran consistently achieves a high standard of work. His strong organisational skills extend to paperwork and college assignments, highlighting his thoroughness. It is evident that Cieran is deeply committed to excelling in his role and takes great pride in his work. Through his brilliant attitude and skill, he has earned the trust and respect of his colleagues at Building Services, making him an integral part of the team.

George Lloyd – Greens Carpentry & Building Services

George possesses a great blend of personal and technical skills. He pays close attention to detail and handles hand and power tools with safety in mind. Now in his third year, George has developed significant carpentry expertise, working closely with a Carpenter and increasingly on his own, which has boosted his confidence. The company, renowned for its quality work on upscale properties and renovations in the Gower area, sees George as a perfect fit because of his abilities.

He navigates blueprints with ease, applies mathematical skills to tasks like calculating roof cuts, and communicates effectively with supervisors and colleagues. George shines both as part of a team and working independently, consistently achieving top marks and meeting deadlines. Always reliable and punctual, he hasn’t missed a single day of work in three years. George’s enthusiasm for learning, problem-solving skills, adaptability, and friendly demeanour makes him an invaluable asset and a delight to teach.

Kieren Williams – Craftsman Flooring

Kieren joined Craftsman Flooring as a trainee floor layer in 2021 and has since demonstrated exceptional dedication and motivation to mastering his craft. Under the guidance of his uncle and other experienced colleagues, he has gained valuable on-site experience, while also pursuing his Level 2 floor laying apprenticeship at Gower College, where he is now one year in. Kieran’s commitment to learning new skills and his proactive approach to on-site work ensure that he consistently contributes to delivering high-quality flooring installations for clients.

Kieren is recognised as a highly valued colleague, known for his strong work ethic and positive attitude. His attention to detail and ambition for new challenges have earned him the respect of his peers and supervisors. With a very bright future in the industry, Kieren is set to make significant strides in his career, and Craftsman Flooring is proud to support his growth and development.

We wish all the nominees the best of luck, and we look forward to celebrating their outstanding accomplishments!