Final Year Project Success!

In October 2018, Swansea Bay Construction Support Group’s proposed project was matched to a group of Final Year Business students from Swansea University. The project brief outlined three objectives which included developing a marketing strategy to increase membership, to identify possible revenue streams and to create a plan to increase engagement amongst existing members.

The project team consisted of five members, Skuyler Lobo, Sally Clive, Sam Sutton, Jack Cook and Adam Bowen. They held a variety of skills, highlighted by the subjects they were studying which included Marketing, Human Resources, Analytics and Finance. These skills helped develop a new marketing strategy, analyse feedback from meetings and put forward proposals to increase funding.

As part of the project, the students attended group meetings and worked closely with Gemma Mineur (Training Officer) to develop strategies to reach the objectives set. Over a seven month period, they completed a variety of research and developed recommendations for Swansea Bay Construction Support Group.

Sam Sutton (Student, Swansea University) said “The project did really well, we achieved 82% in the project report. I achieved a First Class degree in Business Management, which the project result was crucial in the achievement of the grade.

The project was a brilliant experience which I will undoubtedly look back on with pleasure in the future. Moreover it was really interesting to see how a business deals with problems and financial constraints and how they attempt to solve them. Furthermore, I feel like I really improved my team-working skills whilst working on the project. In addition, being able to practise my public speaking skills at the quarterly meetings was a massive confidence booster that will hold me in good stead for future presentations.

I’m going to study a Human Resource Management Masters course at Cardiff University in the Autumn, and thereafter I’m hoping to get a job in that field.”

Gemma Mineur (Training Officer, Swansea Bay Construction Support Group) “It was a pleasure to work with the project team and I feel that I learned a lot from the experience as well as giving them the opportunity to practise and develop their skills. I would like to thank them for their hard work and wish them all the very best for their future careers.”